How does it work? Four small plastic paddles are placed on the treatment area and secured with velcro straps so they stay in place. The paddles emit low levels of laser energy, which essentially blasts the fat cells without harming your skin. It sends the signal to break down the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol which then releases the fat to be eliminated from the body. This process of releasing the fatty acids is actually a natural response the body has when the body needs to used stored energy reserves. So the nice thing about the laser lipo is that it’s not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it damage or alter any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves.

When the laser paddles are placed on the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach the layers of fat. When the light hits the fat cells, a rapid chain of events takes place. Firstly, pores form on the cells causing them to spill out. The water, Glycerol and fatty acids move into the interstitial space beneath the fatty layer in the skin. Then further water, fatty acids and Glycerol spill out. The adipocyte cells are therefore reduced in size. These effects do not affect the neighbouring structures such as the skin, blood vessels or nerves.The lymphatic system then removes the fat through the venous system, where they are processed in the same way as fatty foods that are digested.For clients with darker skin ( Fitzpatrick scale 3 - 6) we recommend 8 to 10 laser bars. This will remove the possibility of hypopigmentation as the laser exposure time is only 10 minutes.

 Contra indications 

If you have any of the following treament may not commence contact us for more information.

- Epilepsy
- Currently pregnant or breast feeding
- If you have a pacemaker
- If you have any heart conditions
- Any previous history of cancer
- Diabetes (Type 1 & 2 In the UK)
- If you have any kidney or liver problems
- If you suffer from Keloid scarring
- If you are Photosensitive
- If you have ever experienced Hyper/Hypo Pigmentation
- If you have any tattoo's in the treatment area
- Auto-immune disease
- Any form of infection, fever or disease
- Cadrio vascular conditions
- If you are under the age of 18 years

Questions & Answers


How many treatments will I need?

We recommend 2 treatments per week for 4 weeks.

Can I have more than one course ?

Yes but it is essential to have a two week gap between courses.

 Can I have more than one area treated at one time?

Yes if you are prepared to do more cardio vascular exercise. 

Will the inches stay off after a treatment?
If you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine then yes.

What actually happens to the fat?

The fat cells are undamaged; but due to the reaction of the laser light on the cell it will empty the contents. The contents consist of Water, Glycerol and free fatty acids. Following a treatment, the Glycerol is rapidly absorbed by the body. The water carries the free fatty acids, through the lymphatic system, through the kidneys and are then passed out of the body in your urine.

Does the treatment hurt?
No. There is no pain at all.

Will I have to keep coming back to keep my results?
No, you can retain the results subject to your lifestyle – healthy eating and exercise plan.

How can I monitor my results?
At every session you will be weighed and measured and you will be photographed before your first treatment and following your last.

What exercise should they do following an inch-loss treatment?
Any cardio-vascular exercise adjusted for each client’s fitness level, such as; running machine, swimming, power walking, etc. It is important to check the client’s age and fitness level before suggesting any exercise. Whichever exercise is chosen must get the heart rate up to the point of perspiring.

Why do some people achieve better results than others?
Laser Lipo Inch-loss treatments are not a miracle cure. However, fantastic results can be achieved when the client follows the advice of a sensible diet and exercise routine. The more exercise you can do the better the results.

Client is reluctant to do cardio work or change diet?
Do not sign them up for the course, as they will not gain from the treatment. After eight sessions with no visible loss it is quite likely they will want a refund. The importance of cardio-vascular exercise must be stressed to the client prior to commencing the course.

 My client is putting inches back on between visits why?

There are potentially three reasons for this:
-Over eating or drinking
-Under eating
-Not exercising enough within 12 hours post treatment.

 Can the client lie on the lymph probes?

Yes, for some treatments it is necessary.

 How do I know if the client is photosensitive to the treatment?

Within the consent form you must ask what medication they are on. Normally a client will be aware if it is a photosensitive medication (It will be clearly stated on the container). If in doubt either ask their doctor or check online.

 Why am I not getting good results with the laser?

The small diodes might not be placed on the lymph nodes correctly.

 Can I do under the eyes?

NO! Never take the laser above the cheek bones.

 Must I wear laser glasses?

Protective glasses/goggles should be worn at ALL times.

 Must my client wear laser glasses with facial work?


 How long will the treatment take?

Treatments take between 10 and 40 minutes dependent upon what system is being used. All systems work equally.

 Can I treat a person that has a contraceptive coil fitted?

Yes. The laser does not penetrate deeper than 13mm.

The usual treatment areas are abdomen (mummy tummy!), thighs, love handles/muffin top and even upper arms. You can basically get the laser lipo pads to be placed anywhere that you want to slim down.